Westphal Designs


Creative and marketing support for businesses that want short and long-term growth.


Our Services...
what sets us apart?

The ability to understand your needs, offer qualified solutions, and the power to take the resulting plan and make it happen.  

We're not just whispering empty promises we know you want to hear. Successful marketing takes hard work. To suggest an initiative without making sure you have the tools in place to capitalize on the results is not an option for us. It's the completeness of what we offer that sets us apart, and the quality standard we set for ourselves. Every business is a multi-faceted puzzle that needs to have the marketing peices placed in the right order, at the right time, in front of the desired audience. Let us make sure all of your dollars and efforts are going into programs and assets that will work hard, and have as long a life span as possible for your business.

• BRAND Development & STrategy

Our clients mean the world to us, and we take our responsibility to them very seriously. Your brand and campaigns must be both memorable and effective. We offer you the know-how to create or redefine your brand to ensure it speaks clearly to you target audience.

• Creative Services & Design

Advertising, Video, Photography, Core Collateral, Print, Website, Social Media. No matter how much planning you do, a campaign is only as good as the creative used to carry it. At Westphal Marketing & Design your dedicated marketing manager and designer will work hand-in-hand with you with the understanding that your brand image is paramount. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable excellent design can be once brand standards are defined and paid attention to.

• content development

Your company's voice is the key to forging an emotional connection with your customers. Too technical and you'll leave readers cold; too chipper and you'll seem insincere. Striking the right tone and balance of information to personality is critical to the success of your content. Our team has over 30 years of experience helping brands develop their voices and refine their content. We carefully curate each word to ensure maximum impact on every element of your marketing collateral.

• MARKETING Planning & Program Management

Your marketing strategy should be crafted thoughtfully so that each initiative builds on the influence of the last. That's the only way to set your business up for the best possible results and staying power. We'll take a close look at your customer demographics, psychographics, historic trends and geographic consideration BEFORE we put a cohesive plan in front of you. Ensuring that your marketing dollar has the most impact it can to support your growth.



Pricing Guidelines

Though most of our clients are invoiced on a monthly basis, we do take on individual projects. These prices are guidelines for you. Clients that incur over 10 hours per week on a regular basis get discount pricing.  

Senior Level Design  :  $75/Hour
Concept design work and brand development. 

Junior Designer/Production :  $55/Hour
Placing text and images into templates according to pre-established style guide. Resizing designs to fit other medias or layouts.

Content Development  :  $75/Hour
New content creation.

Marketing Planning  :  $55/Hour
Marketing program concepts, research, development and scheduling.

Account Management  :  $35/hour
Management of social media promotions and accounts, phone calls and meetings, other various marketing account management.